Snagging and Handover – Property Management

Snagging and Handover – Property Management

Al Reef, Abu Dhabi - Property Management - Snagging and Handover Services

Snagging is identifying and highlighting internal and external defects that would not meet the standards of finishing that’s agreed between two parties (Landlord and Developer) bound by contract. Handover is the process of accepting the property from the developer after all client requirements are met.

  • Check the property for the Landlord before receiving it from the Developer
  • Supply our clients with a very clear snap shot of the property condition
  • Provide a detailed Snagging report which can be shared with the developer before the final acceptance
  • Confirm that it’s delivered as per the SPA schedule and standard
What to care about?
  • Foundation and Support Structure
  • Ceiling and Wall finishing
  • Fire Safety System
  • Security System
  • Water Heater
  • Ventilation and Central Air Conditioning
  • Heating System
  • Structural Integrity
  • Power Outlets
  • MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing)
  • Windows, Doors, Seals and Facades
Snagging and Handover important for you property?
  • Reduces future Maintenance Costs
  • Check the quality of the finishing
  • Smooth Handover
  • Ensure Higher Property Value
  • Enable Ease of Sale/Rental
  • Increases your Efficiency
  • Health & Safety

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