Facility Management Services – Property Management

Facility Management Services – Property Management

Al Reef, Abu Dhabi - Property Management - Facility Management Services

“Our passion, adaptability and knowledge enable us to provide the ultimate level of service. Our goal is not to set new standards of service; our goal is to redefine the role of a building service provider”

The Facility Management acts as an umbrella, horizontally oriented market, being related to the human resources, real estate and information technology functions of any property.

The facility manager takes the responsibility to ensure regulatory compliance plus the proper operation of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for the occupants to function.

Our Facility Management department is coordinating space, infrastructure, people and administrative tasks, along with a wide range of activities based on core and non-core functions in order to deliver excellent services for residential and commercial buildings.

Our Facility Management includes: security, fire safety, health and safety policies, maintenance, testing and inspections, cleaning services, operational activities, from soft services like reception or post rooms to hard services that include electrical and mechanical parts. We can support any space allocation planning, fit out support, commercial and property management, 24h/ support services alongside with highly efficient management solutions. We are here to deliver state of art services for extraordinary constructions.

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